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“Convenient, quick, and effective booking process”
Maria E.

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"Very professional and experienced doctors”
Diya C.

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“Finally found relief for my eczema”
Steph M.

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“Highly recommend for anyone seeking holistic solutions”
Cindy S.

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“Easy way to find great Ayurvedic doctors”
Marianne B.

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“My allergy is gone, could not be happier”
Michaela P.

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“For everyone who seeks lasting results”
Paloma S.

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“Found my ideal nutrition plan. Very grateful!”
Sarina M.

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“Incredible value for personalized Ayurvedic consultations!”
Amara D.

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“Has really helped me solve my digestion issues”
Advika S.

Ayurveda: natural health solutions for our modern lives

Ayurvedic doctors are experts in harnessing these 5000+ year natural sciences and applying them to our modern life, for healthier, more youthful life.

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Clinical science

Applied at scale
Focus on symptoms
Immediate relief

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Ayurvedic science

Holistic approach
Focus on root cause
Lasting solutions

100% plant-based treatment

Non-invasive solutions

Easy to follow remedies

Lasting results

Our expertise

Skin problems

Digestive disorders

Stress & exhaustion

Pain management

General health

How it works


Make your booking

  • Select your preferred doctor.
  • Book a timeslot at least 3 days in advance.
  • You can book 30m or 60m duration.


Ayurvedic doctor consultation

  • Discuss your specific concerns.
  • Get a comprehensive assessment.
  • Receive personalized, natural care.


Easy follow-up to secure results

  • Get your individual plan by email.
  • Book follow-up call if needed.
  • Live a healthy, happy life, naturally!

What differentiates our Ayurvedic doctors?

VEDIC LAB®’s Ayurvedic doctors are handpicked from across the world, following a strict criteria of selection:

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Certified in Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS).

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Practicing doctors with multiple years of real-world application.

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Specialists in specific women-related health, wellness, beauty areas.

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Experience with multi-cultural patients.

Years experience

Patients served

Years of expertise

Success stories

“Consulting an Ayurvedic doctor was the best decision”

Meeting with an Ayurvedic doctor was the best choice for my hair loss. They not only tackled my hair issues but also uncovered underlying health concerns. Thanks to their guidance, my hair is much healthier, and I feel better overall.


Woman smiling

“I've found menstrual pain relief that I never thought possible”

Since finding an Ayurvedic doctor, my monthly intense menstrual pain has drastically improved. Through herbs and lifestyle changes, I've found unexpected relief, rarely needing painkillers now.


Woman smiling

“Ayurveda allows me to live more comfortably with IBS”

Consulting an Ayurvedic doctor transformed my daily struggle with IBS. Personalized guidance and dietary adjustments brought relief and restored control over my digestive health.


Woman smiling

“Significant improvement to my skin”

My Ayurvedic doctor transformed my long-term acne struggle with holistic approaches focused on diet and stress. Personalized recommendations and lifestyle changes brought significant skin improvement.


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“I finally achieved my ideal weight”

For years, I struggled with my weight and felt uncomfortable in my body. Thanks to my Ayurvedic doctor's holistic approach, I've achieved my ideal weight and feel much better.


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“I’ve learned to manage stress and anxiety effectively”

Consulting an Ayurvedic doctor online was the best decision for my stress and frequent colds during my consulting job. I've learned to manage stress and anxiety effectively and feel much healthier.


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“I've experienced immense improvements in my vitality”

As someone over 60, finding natural health solutions isn't easy. My Ayurvedic doctor understood my energy drop and suggested natural herbs. I've experienced immense improvements in vitality.


Woman smiling

“My allergy is gone”

After two years of ineffective allergy shots, my Ayurvedic doctor's herbal recommendations cured my pollen allergy.


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“I've experienced a significant reduction of my migraines.”

Ayurveda was my last resort for migraines. The personalized approach and natural remedies from my Ayurvedic doctor brought significant relief.


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