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"Herbs are the friend of the
physician and the pride of healing."

– Charaka Samhita, ancient Ayurvedic text

Ayurvedic ingredients

Packed with numerous healing properties, Ayurvedic herbs are highly potent yet gentle. VEDIC LAB®’s clinically extracted and uniquely combined formulas unlock the best of Ayurvedic herbal plants for improving age-reversal holistically.

Our Ingredients

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(plant equivalent of Retinol)
Seed extract of Psoralea Corylifolia plant, clinically proven results comparable to Retinol yet 10x gentler on skin.

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(plant equivalent of Peptides)
Leaf extract from Centella Asiatica plant, clinically proven results comparable to Peptides, yet gentler on skin.

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Tea Tree

(plant based Neurocosmetic)
Upcycled leaf extract of Melaleuca Alternifolia helps improve sleep quality by countering excess blue light effects.

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Self Heal Herb

(plant equivalent of Minoxidil)
Leaf extract from Prunella Vulgaris plant, clinically proven to reduce hair loss while strengthening hair strands.

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Golden Flaxseed

(plant alternative to hair dyes)
Seed extract from Linum usitatissimum plant, clinically proven to reduce grey hair and enhance the natural hair color.

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Tulsi (Omnicum basilicum)

Known as ‘holy basil’, it is a revered plant in Ayurveda thanks to its multiple health benefits stemming from potent antioxidation effects.

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Potent natural seeds, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, help support proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

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A rhizome, well known for its potent curcumin that helps improve blood circulation, supporting multiple health systems.

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A bark renowned for health benefits, contains cinnamaldehyde that aids in digestion and promotes a balanced gut microbiota.

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These roots are considered as ‘nature’s sleep remedy’. Its active ingredient, valerenic acid, helps relax the mind for deeper sleep.

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A powerful plant known as ‘king of adaptogens’. Its active withanolides help manage stress levels and improve skin health.

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A wonder root, known as ‘nature's hormone regulator’. Its active saponins regulate hormonal equilibrium.

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Leaves known for numerous bioactive properties, contains protodioscin that promotes collagen synthesis for improved skin and radiance.

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Each fruit contains more than 7 oranges worth of Vitamin C. Its powerful antioxidant effect helps improve immunity.