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“Nature is the source of all healing.
The wise physician sees health in nature and disease in its violation.”

- Charaka Samhita (Ancient Ayurvedic text)

Our commitment to mother nature

What’s common in Swiss and Indian cultures?

Both have a lot of love and appreciation for nature.

That love for nature is deeply embedded into the heart and soul of VEDIC LAB®.

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Sustainable sourcing from Ayurvedic farms

All our ingredients are ethically sourced with highest quality standards and extracts are naturally obtained from industry - best practices

✔ Sourced from authentic Ayurvedic farms

✔ Organically sourced herbs, no pesticides

✔ Fair labor practices to ensure equity

✔ Zero tolerance for animal testing

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Nature powered formulas

Our brand is built on our deep appreciate for science in nature, which we reflect in our formulas.

✔ 95%+ natural origin ingredients across more than three-fourth of our portfolio.

✔ Committed to being 100% free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, GMOs, DEA, EDTA.

✔ Educating, advocating for natural formulations

✔ Environmentally positive production

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Eco-positive packaging

We pride ourselves in industry leading, eco-friendly packaging that’s as close to nature as possible.

✔ Reduce plastics in the world: 90%+ plastic free packaging.

✔ Ensure all packaging is 100% recyclable

✔ Protect the forests: 100% FSC certified paper

✔ Minimize manufacturing waste

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Complete transparency with our community

Authenticity, transparency and open dialogue are values that our entire team embodies and lives by every day.

✔ Complete INCI list published online

✔ Clinical studies displayed clearly

✔ Comprehensive FAQs for transparency

✔ Easily accessible customer service

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Adding back to nature

As much as we benefit from nature, we consider it our responsibility to also add value back to nature through important, strategic initiatives.

✔ Facilitate environment bolstering programs with co-participation of community:

• Plant a tree
• Carbon offset
• Remove plastics from oceans
• Others

✔ Annual contributions for enhanced impact