Our Scientific Approach to Skincare and Well-being:
At Vedic Lab, we take pride in offering scientifically backed solutions for skincare and overall well-being. Our algorithm, solutions and treatments have been developed by our team of esteemed doctors, based in Switzerland and Germany. Our content is a testament to our commitment to providing evidence-based, effective, and natural solutions for hair, skin, and lifestyle. All of this is anchored in years of heritage knowledge of Ayurveda, approved, and vetted by our doctors. It is also created keeping highest Swiss standards and quality in mind.

A) Personalized Assessment Based on Ayurvedic doctors Expertise
The cornerstone of our personalized approach is the healthy beauty assessment, createdby our in-house team of experienced ayurvedic doctors and western medical doctors and based on robust science of Ayurveda.  

The Healthy Beauty Assessmentevaluates specific lifestyle habits, dietary patterns, digestion, sleep routines, and more. Based on these inputs, it generates a personalized report. This report, meticulously designed by our in-house doctors, reveals your unique Healthy Beauty profile - a categorization developed from a foundation of scientific knowledge. As our doctor team includes Ayurvedic doctor as well as western medical doctor, the approach is more holistic in nature.

B) Content Creation: Scientifically Informed, Natural Solutions
Each piece of content in our app—ranging from DIY hair and skin masks to daily recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as sleep solutions like meditations and more derives its foundation from science and medical expertise of our team of doctors. Our primary focus is to enhance hair and skin health based on evidence-based natural science.Our app distinguishes itself by exclusively offering scientifically grounded solutions. Free from medical interventions, drugs, or chemicals, our content is created to align with scientifically proven practices.

C) Authored by Partner Doctors, highest Swiss quality norms
It's imperative to highlight that every aspect of our content within the app is rigorously curated and authenticated by our esteemed partner doctors. These doctors—experts in Ayurveda, Western medicine, and medical science—are not just contributors but also co-founders of Vedic Lab.  

At Vedic Lab, our foundation lies in scientific credibility and medical knowledge. We prioritize transparency, efficacy, and the expertise of our in-house doctors to guide you on your journey to beauty based on natural solutions and effective lifestyle choices. Further, being a Swiss incorporated company with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, we adhere to the highest of internal quality norms and strive for perfection in every creation. This quality reflects in our App and all the content within.